Odor Map
c-fos mRNA expression patterns for male mouse urine odors
12 to 20 weeks
Olfactory bulb
Glomerular layer
20% v/v (1:5 dilution)
30 minutes
3 min odor on followed by 2 min odor off
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of c-fos mRNA expression patterns for H-2b, H-2k, H-2bm8, and H-2bm1 urine odors. A, The location of the individual components of the resulting PCA shown in two dimensions. B, A plot demonstrating that the first two PCs can completely separate the congenic haplotypes H-2k and H-2b. C, Shown is the space defined by the first three components of the PCA. Urine odors are organized into different families according to the distribution of c-fos mRNA glomerular activation patterns within this three-dimensional space. Each sphere represents a single mouse exposed to a single sample of urine. Spheres of the same color represent a single haplotype. D-F, J-X, c-fos glomerular activation patterns for H-2b, H-2bm8, and H-2bm1 male urine odor in the main olfactory bulbs of H-2d female mice. D-F, Color contour maps of averaged evoked glomerular activity. D, H-2bm8 odor map (n = 7); E, H-2bm1 odor map (n = 8); F, H-2b odor map (n = 8); G-I, normalized SD (SD/average) maps for H-2bm8 (D), H-2bm1 (E), and (F) H-2b. J-X, Color contour maps of individual evoked glomerular activity. J, M, P, S, V, H-2bm8 odor maps; K, N, Q, T, W, H-2bm1 odor maps; L, O, R, U, X, H-2b odor maps. Color bar on top of D and J shows the density of active glomeruli (number of positive glomeruli per bin). Color bar on top of G shows the range of the variability (2 is most variable).
Schaefer ML, Yamazaki K, Osada K, Restrepo D, Beauchamp GK.
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