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Reconstructing neurons across the entire brain

by Robert A McDougal

Posted on 6/28/2018 9:50:39 AM

Since the pioneering work of Wilfrid Rall, neuroscientists have understood that a neuron's morphology plays a key role in shaping dendritic integration. Here at SenseLab, we host the NEURON source code for Mainen and Sejnowski 1996's quantitative investigation of the "influence of dendritic structure on firing pattern."

Tracing a neuron's morphology remains hard work, and many reconstructions suffer amputation artifacts where the neuron extends beyond the imaged domain. In a recent Nature News article, Sara Reardon reports that the Allen Institute for Brain Science reconstructed 3 large GFP-filled neurons by using 10,000 cross-sectional images that spanned the entire mouse brain.

Tags: neuron reconstruction, morphology, mouse

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